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How it all started,


            The club that you all know as Houston Diesels was started by Forrest Rushing, Jhett Young, and Wade Julian on March 2, 2015 . All three men were members of many other diesel clubs but wanted something more active and local to the North Houston area where they lived. The men decided to take the task on themselves and North Houston Diesels was born. The club started off small with very little activity and only a couple of meets. After some time, the men noticed the club was not taking off in the direction they had hoped. They decided to make some changes in order to draw a larger crowd and make the club open to people outside of north Houston. After taking a poll with the current members, "Houston Diesels" became the new club name. The men then began to get the word out about the club to more diesel pages around and beyond the Houston area in order to produce buzz and gain more followers. The club grew from 500 to almost 2,000 members in 6 months. The club began holding monthly meets and had decals designed for the members. Everyone became more active and the club began to take off like a wild fire. 

            The club now has over 6,000 members and is continuously growing. The members have come together for many fundraisers to help others and will continue to participate for years to come. More merchandise has been designed for the members to use and to show off what they all love so much. 

The club has multiple sponsors that assist members in taking care of the one thing that brought them together. Their trucks! The sponsors are handpicked and are just like the members; They love the community and are always trying to give back in some way. 


           Houston Diesels is not just a club. We are a family. We take care of each other as well as anyone else that may need a hand from a few diesel-loving folks from time to time. We are a group that strives to present a positive image for the diesel community. The club's slogan, "Faith-Family-Friends: Fueled by Diesel" explains exactly what we are and will always be about. We are the largest and most active Houston-based non profit 501C3 diesel club and hope to continue to be. 

We hope to see you at one of our events soon! 

Faith-Family- Friends

Fueled by Diesel

Mission Statement: To provide community support and provide charitable contributions to local charities.

Tax ID Number: 83-1406021

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