Team entry is $100 with a maximum of 4-person team. Absolutely NO premade items allowed besides whole foods such as beans, tomatoes, meat, etc. No crock pots are allowed. Each team will have their own booth space and be allowed to use a tent for coverage or small trailer for cooking. A generator is allowed for general power and hot plates. Each team MUST have a fire extinguisher and show it to the representative over the cook off prior to beginning to cook. Judging will be based on flavor and presentation by the patrons who choose to participate. Cook off teams will be allowed to enter the gate no earlier than 12pm for setup. Cooking may not start until 1pm. All judging slips will be turned in no later than 4pm. Pay outs for winners of the cook off will be as follows- 1st place- $300, 2nd place- $200, 3rd place- $100. For anyone who is wanting to judge the food, may participate by purchasing a $5 wrist band. This may be done either prior to the event online or the day of in person. Wrist band sales will stop the day of at 3pm. All judges will go by each booth for a taste testing, and then turn in their choices to the boxes at the booth. (details on judging turn in to follow). Cook teams will be required to provide plates/ small sampling bowels/ small cup (cook team choice) and eating utensils for the judges. All cook teams must preregister prior to the event on the club website. No teams will be allowed to sign up the day of the event. All proceeds from the cook teams and wrist bands will be donated to the charity. If you are assigned to a cook team, you cannot participate in judging. To pre-register, please visit the club website at-

Chili cook off team registration